Our complete interior and exterior design and refurbishment solutions include:

House Renovations

ForLux Ltd. is determined to offer the most amazing and reliable London refurbishment services. You can be assured of quality home renovations which can completely transform the looks of your house both externally and internally. We have a team of skilled and trained workers who are experienced in house renovations in North London and can handle the various task according to your requirements. We streamline our services which helps to provide creative input and transform the house exactly as you want your home to be.


ForLux Ltd. knows the importance of painting and how it can simply work wonders to your home. We have a floor painting specialist in North London who can paint the house even if you do not plan on extensive renovations. We use high-quality paint and tools to ensure sophistication. We also offer the best home decorating service that can enhance both the interior and exterior space of your home.


Refresh the look of your bathroom with stylish tiles. Forlux Ltd., offers a wide selection of tiling services that include:

  • Old tile removal
  • Floor levelling
  • Tile waterproofing
  • Under tile heating

Our floor tiling specialist in North London have vast experience and trained to use the necessary tools and equipment to perform the renovation. You offer tailor-made tiling services London at an affordable rate which you can trust and rely.

Bathroom Fitting

From design to finish ForLux Ltd ensures that all the bathroom repairs and renovations are done exquisitely. Our bathroom fitted service include bathroom installations with all the modern features and amenities. Our team has over nine years of refurbishment experience which can help us perform purposefully fulfilling your budget constraints no matter the size or style of the bathroom. We offer valuable refurbishment bathroom London that can exceed your expectations and allow you to comfortably and conveniently access your bathroom.


One of the important tasks of renovating your house is plastering walls. ForLux Ltd will handle all your needs whether you require minor plastering job or new plaster build. Our team works efficiently to prevent any delays. Our reputation precedes us and helps us develop an extensive clientele who trust us in all the plastering homebuilding and renovating as we employ the best techniques and perform the work in an efficient manner.

House Extensions

ForLux Ltd knows that the interior space can become small to effectively manage growing family needs. Expanding your house is imperative if moving to a new house is not possible. Our team has adequate experience and resources to customise your extension plans. We offer London house extension services which will fulfill all your floor requirements no matter if you want to add another bedroom, add another level to your home or increase the lounging space. Our priority is that the work performed by the builders and designers is aligned with your budget and time.

General Building Work

If you require additional building around the house, then you can rely on ForLux Ltd to perform all the necessary tasks. We are a general building company that provides quality building work in North London. We meet and exceed the expectations of the clients when it comes to building and restoration work. With our vast experience in construction, the team is skilled in performing best building work services and ensuring high standards whether it is leak, flooring, windows or doors. Our expert team will always cover your needs.


The exterior of a house forms the first impression on people, and many of the clients require the most exquisitely designed exteriors which not only provides safety but blends with the looks of the house. ForLux Ltd provides a wide range of garden fencing North London whether you want wood, aluminum, chain-link or PVC fence. The expert team will install a fence according to industry standards which will provide privacy to you and your family. The local fencing contractors London ensure a proper fit for the available space and enhance the landscape of your home.


As a groundwork company London, ForLux Ltd strongly believes that the long-term sustainable groundwork is critical for safety, efficiency, and environment management of the area surrounding your home. As part of the groundwork contractors North London, we can handle everything from fixing drainage pipes and asphalting. We have performed quality groundwork over the years which has helped us to commit to the clients, address their concerns and perform the necessary tasks efficiently and effectively.


At Forlux Ltd we believe long-term sustainable groundwork is a critical factor for safety, efficiency and the environmental management of the surrounding areas of your home. Whether you only need a replacement of the drainage pipes or an area requiring asphalting, at Forlux Ltd we do that and much more. With a vast experience in the construction industry, our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure that you don’t have to worry!